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Italian Suiting Fabric

Explore the widest collection of cotton shirting fabric online at NavyasFashion. Our company solely focuses to provide you the best cotton shirting fabric. We provide you a blend of fabrics that deal from Indian to Egyptian cotton.Vercelli suiting fabrics are as befitting for a boardroom meeting as they are for a sophisticated soiree or a men's suits for reception. The blend of culture and modernity gives Vercelli’s suiting an edge over its contemporaries.

What Makes our Suiting Fabrics Different?

Latino Design Super 120'S

Crafted from 17.5-micron wool, Vercelli's high-performance stretch fabric combines wool, microfiber, and Lycra for a crease-free, flexible fit. Ideal for slim cuts and youthful silhouettes, it features over 50 solids and designs, perfect for tailoring suits, jackets, and trousers.

Latino Faille Collection

Our classic suiting line, traditionally Italian and heavyweight, features a hint of Lycra for stretch and resilience, ensuring comfort and a crease-free look. The faille weave adds body and fullness, while carefully curated colors reflect current trends for versatile styling.

Harmony Design Super 130'S

Harmony 130's Australian Merino wool fabric features elegant stripes and checks, making it durable for year-round use. Woven from Super 130's worsted spun yarn, it offers unmatched elegance and alluring qualities, making it a must-have for the discerning individual's wardrobe.

Harmony Structure Super 130'S

Harmony" Super 130's is crafted entirely from 17-micron wool. This Australian Merino wool fabric, featuring micro-motifs, exudes elegance and softness. Its textured play makes it perfect for creating distinguished business and ceremonial suits, showcasing personality and character.